How to Rank Website on All Search Engine

Rank website or article with any niche on google first page just a few days. This is really magically genuine Seo 2020 technique with approved all search engines.
Genuine Real Successful Story:
Before I dive into the specifics, let’s review a case study to prove that Keyword Golden Ratio can work to bring in more traffic and boost revenue.
I primarily work on Amazon Affiliate sites so I can actually show earnings, not just traffic improvements.
In my initial full-scale test of the Keyword Golden Ratio, I published 200 posts focused on KGR keywords over five months and the results were amazing.
The website went from $100 to $14,853 in 12 months and the traffic increased by about 800%.
For affiliate marking these KGR techniques method is working awesome and show after some days or month great results.
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